Monday, November 21, 2016

October-November 2016

 Fun dinner with church friends.
 James' 8th birthday at Nanas!

 Big brothers watching Katy Jane's ballet class.

 Annual pumpkin patch visit.
Cooking day with friends.

 Halloween 2016

 Beautiful Nana
When I was growing up, my Dad would make this funny noise while we were going through the car wash and it would always scare me.  I did it to James and he died laughing and said, "Just like Papa!" Carrying on the tradition.
 The church had a Father Son Camp In.  James and Brad had so much fun.
 On election day we built a cookie white house.

 Playing with sweet friends.

June-September 2016

Looks like I never got around to that "Last Day Of School" blog.  I've been so bad at this.  I wish I were better about keeping this updated. 

Last Day Of School 2015/2016

 After our last day of school we celebrated with cupcakes at The Ruffled Cup.  Yummy! 

These are the first day and last day pictures, side-by-side.  A lot sure happens in a school year.  I love that I get to spend my days with the sweet ones.

And the class clown award goes to...

Summer 2016 

 A sweet visit from the Hoovers.
 We went to visit Dee Dee and Donna.
Our sweet friends, the Shadbolts, gave us a very informative and fun tour of the fire station.  The kids loved it!
We spent a lot of time at the pool for swimming lessons.  The kids did great!

This angel face!  Love!

Amy had a fun summer party and she exploded a watermelon.  The kids loved it!

Get that sunscreen on, girl!

My little beauty!
 Lots of slumber parties.
Father's Day!
 My babies.

Vacation in Lake City, CO.

Hanging out with Papa.

And Nana!

Trying on Mommy's wedding dress.

10 Year anniversary

Tie dying

Box Day is a very fun day in a homeschool family!

Summer fun with the cousins
My sissy!

First lemonade stand

A new puppy!  Ranger.

First Day Of School 2016-2017
Jude is in Kindergarten
James is in 2nd grade
Katy Jane is in Pre-K

First Day Of School walk...cut short by Katy Jane falling and getting a boo-boo on her knee.

Annual first day of school cookie

Showing daddy her boo-boo from our walk.

Karate Class
Daddy decided to blow dry Katy Jane's hair.
This is what happens when Daddy tries to do Katy Jane's hair.  Not good.
Camping trip with Daddy

While the boys camped, KJ and I had girls night.

Jude's 6th birthday!

Volcano for science

Working hard
Visiting the Apple Orchard in Idalou, TX

Fun times with sweet friends.