Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I turn 40 tomorrow.  F.O.R.T.Y.  So these are my last few minutes in my 30's.  The 30's went by quickly.  They were good.  I had James, Jude and Katy Jane in my 30's.  Fell more deeply in love with my sweet husband in my 30's.  Had a child diagnosed with cancer and go into remission in my 30's.  Found our precious church family and some of the best friends we've ever had in my 30's.  Started homeschooling in my 30's.  I learned to accept myself and my short-comings in my 30's.  I grew to know the Lord more intimately in my 30's.  I lost friends but gained true friends in my 30's.  I learned what friends really are supposed to be in my 30's.  I learned who I am really supposed to be in my 30's.  My 30's were a tremendously difficult decade and also a tremendously rewarding and fulfilling decade.  I'm grateful for every moment.

The most meaningful moments of my 30's in pictures...
I'm ready for you 40!  Let's do this!