Tuesday, May 24, 2016

March-May 2016

These pictures are out of order and unedited.  Sorry about that.  Here we are at the end of the school year and I wanted to get caught up before my "Last Day Of School" post.  These last few months have been packed full and the Lord has done many great things. We are so grateful for His love and provision.

Here is Jude just being Jude with his super hero shirt, yellow flowery hat and pink teddy bear.  This kid has a strong mind about what he likes and he makes no apologies.  I love that about him. Do your thing kid! You make me proud!
They may argue every now and then but there is a lot of love between these three.  I love that they are best friends. 
We went to the zoo Monday to see the 5 animals. We had fun though. 
Especially since we were with our sweet friends the Shu's. 
Katy Jane was born to be a mommy.  She loves babies.  I've never seen anything like it.  As soon as she got Baby Shepard in her arms she breathed a big sigh of relief.  Her whole demeanor changed.  She was glowing.  I cannot wait to see this little girl when she's a Momma.  She just melts me.
I love the stair step ages of all of our kiddos. 
We have been so thankful for this warm and sunny weather!  Especially when Katy Jane's brothers play a trick on her and spray her with the sprinklers when she's not expecting it.  I may or may not have planted this idea in their minds.
Katy Jane had her first ballet recital.  It was adorable  I'm not at all biased.
 Katy Jane dancing at the Dunkin Donuts.  Apparently this is her jam.
Another trip to the ER for Jude.  This time he fell and hit his little chin on his footboard.  Poor baby. He is one tough cookie!
James was worried about him so we all slept in my room and James made a bed beside us on the floor.  What a sweet brother!
Saturday night, getting ready for church Sunday morning.  Curlers in and nails painted. 
 James' Sunday school class had a sweet brunch for the Moms.  So precious!
 Mother's Day with my beautiful Mommy!
These two...inseparable and unstoppable!
The derby at BAM!  So much fun!  I love our church and the sweet friendships my kids have there.
Katy Jane's precious ballet teacher Mrs. Cynthia...or as KJ calls her, Mrs. Cymfia.  We love her so much!
James' first piano recital.
 KJ's ballet recital.
 Chillin with my Jamesie in the back yard.  I love this kid.  How has he gotten so big?!?!
 After a rough day attached to the "heart mominah", Daddy brough Katy Jane some flowers. 
 Easter morning!
Enjoying some beautiful weather.
She was for reals about catching those bubbles!
She is pretty smitten with her Daddy.  And I think she might just have him wrapped around her little finger.
 A fun night at church...Young Adult Live.
Some days it hard to get going.
 My kids love to catch the "boogie ride" to church.
In April Jude and I went to Dallas for his appointment.  We love getting to stop and see my sister, brother-in-law and nieces. 
 Bed jump at the hotel.
 Our date night in Dallas.
 Waiting waiting waiting.
 Done for another year and thank You Lord for GREAT reports! 
 New glasses for this handsome guy!
I am so grateful for such sweet friends. 
They all love each other so much!  What a blessing!
I love these cutie patooties!  We love a reason to celebrate with donuts.

I am hoping to finish up school this week so we can officially start SUMMER!  We are so ready!  It has been such a fun and challenging homeschool year. Next up...last day of school post!